Self Help

through Ritual

and ceremony

In life we have lost the most important

spiritual connection that we once had

long ago. We used to rely on this

to meet many of our needs, such as

praying for food or rain, but now

have lost sight of the universal and

 earthly energies that provide for us.

Ritual practice allows us to connect

those universal energies to release

old stories that we hold in our bodies.

 Through intuitive readings and

 practical conversation we can come

up with a daily practice or one-time

ritual that can reprogram your cells

and be used to begin the narration of

 your story based on your desire.Your

mind and heart will be in balance. 

and working with the universe to

eliminate constrictive patterns that

you've been stuck in throughout life. A

personal ritual can break those

patterns, empowering you to live

 from a place of truth and expansion. 

 This practice brings authentic

spiritual connection, emotional

balance, and healing from the inside

out, and can be done personally,

or with friends and family.

Call Heather at the store if you

are interested in planning a

ritual or ceremony.

Prices and times vary.

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