Tarot Card


Tarot card reading tends to draw forth the

  popularized image of an elderly woman

wearing flowing robes peering into a

crystal orb set upon a table within a

 dimly lit room, draped by curtains and

wispy smoke curls; she foretells of far-

 off events and warns of impending doom.

 However, as enticing as that image may be,

it is not an accurate depiction. The ancient

art of Tarot card  reading is not even

  meant to tell your fortune or future or to 

answer yes or no, but instead is to be used

as a guide to help you make the decision


So no matter if you have a carefully

 constructed question, are seeking an

 open-ended reading, or are simply

  intrigued by the influences of the wands,

cups, swords, and circles in your life,

call today to make your appointment

with Heather.

Half Hour  $50

(Half hour available by phone also)

Full H0ur  $90

Couples readings

$90 per 45 min

$100/HR + travel fee....2 Hr min 



Similar to a map, astrology charts can

help you achieve goals, reveal your inner

obstacles, temper your nature, increase

awareness, and help you become more 

comfortable with who you are.

The positions of the sun, moon, and

planets at the time you were born are

used to create a unique chart for each 

individual. Exact time and location of

your birth are necessary for a 

thorough chart.

 1 hour $120

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Astrological Transit Chart

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While the typical astrological

chart reading tells you more

about your personality and

tendencies, transit readings

will give you a portrait of what

the near future will bring.

It is an informative tool for

understanding why certain

events are, or may occur in

your life. They can also be

useful for choosing dates or

times to act so you can flow

with the universe's energy

rather than pushing against

 it. Call Heather for 

 an appointment.

1.5 hour $180

Pictured above:

Heather Nichols

 (Owner, Tarot & Astrology reader)

Not only is Heather the owner,

she's a very experienced, intuitive

 reader with an easygoing,fun nature.

She offers true insight in her

 readings to those who seek answers.

 She also has a passion for crystals

  and  minerals and can assist

 you with choosing one for

  your particular needs.